I am a designer, artist and educator who creates interative experience and digital products about empathy, interdependency, and complex system. 

I am currently designing Emotional Second Skin @Empathic Technologies

Empathic Technologies

2020 - 2022

I am working with a team of neuroscientists, designers, engineers and storytellers to create wearable products and service systems that reconnect people with their emotions to enable a greater sense of agency.

#User Research  #Product Design #UX Design # Agile Development

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Science Visualization @ AMNH

2020.1 - 2020.6

At American Natural History Museum, I worked with the Science Visualization Group to create data visualization and emerging technology interactives for the Hall of Gems and Minerals, and the Hall of the Universe.

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Qingming: Sculpture of Resilience


A website that invites visitors to pay tribute to Covid-19 victims. The trajotery of each visitor on the website collectively forms an online monument

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Missing 10 Hours VR 

2019 - 2020

A VR documentary reconstructing a night of a girl getting drugged with GHB.

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