American Museum of Natural History

Human-centered Design for Education and Data Communication

SciViz Group at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City produce data visualizations and emerging-media interactives to engage museum visitors with fundamental scientific concepts and important new discoveries. As an interaction designer in the team, I worked with a team of scientists, curators, engineers, writers and 3d artists to design user journey and prototype digital interface for upcoming exhibitions. I worked on two permanant exhibitions: Astro Kiosks at the Hall of the Universe and Periodic Table Interactive Wall at the Hall of Gem and Mineral.

Toolkits: Adobe XD, Sketch, After Effect, Unity 3D

Periodic Table Interactive

Periodic Table Interactive is a 80’ x 100’ interactive wall in the Hall of Gems and Minerals that invite visitors to play collectively and learn about how minerals are formed from chemical elments. I was involed in defining problems and educational goals, ideation, and are responsible for creating user flow, wireframe and mockups, running usability tests and delivering interactive prototypes in Unity 3D. The interactive was installed in the Hall of Gems and Minerals on May 2021. 

Astro Kiosk

Installed at the Hall of the Universe, Astro Kiosk consists of four interactive Kiosk that allow visitors to explore and learn about constellation, the galaxy, the solar system and our known universe. I was responsible for designing the user flow, visualization, user interface based on existing design system, and implemented user interface in Unity. 


Our Galaxy

Solar System