Body Home World

Body, Home, World is an intergenerational storytelling platform for South Asian LGBT+ community. It is an attempt to weave a digital tapestry of documentary stories about queer spaces of color, family, and the immigrant experience. Guided by a digital Mandala, users are invited to navigate stories of LGBTQ+-identifying individuals and their families in a non-linear and interactive manner. 

I redesigned and created mobile version of the website to increase the website’s accessibily and allow it to reach a wider audience. 

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website design
frontend development
Rui An - Motion Graphics
Aashish Kumar - Producer and Director

2022.9- 2022.12


In Tibetan Buddhism, Mandala symbolizes a process of transformative healing. Here we use mandala as a interface for telling stories of tranformation and reconciliation-- ecah Mandala is a collection of stories told from the point of view of an LGBTQ+ individuals and a family member.  Audience are invited to trace their paths as they traverse selfhood - Body; family - Home; and the larger community - World.