Empathic Technologies

Since December 2020, I have been working as a product designer at Empathic Tecnologies, a startup working in the intersection of mental health, neuroscience and wearable technology. I created holistic solution that helps users understand and enhance the physiological experience and designed user interface across Apple Watch, iphone, and Web.

Role: UI/UX Design, UX Research

Echo Band

Echo Band is an Apple-Watch-Compatible band that delivers a wide range of haptic sensation on the inside of the wrist. It intervenes in the brain-body feedback loop and help shift emotion response for people with ADHD, Anxiety, PTSD, and more.

My role in the five-people product team is UX researcher and UX Designer. I work with the product lead, UX Content strategist, product manager, and a visual designer through a 4-month design sprint.

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I created user flow and interface on both watch and iphone that controls the haptic engine and helps users understand the physiological experience.

This project is still a work in progess and under an NDA. I am happy to discuss more details in a live walk-through.

Teting Platform

I designed a web-based platform to visualize and test haptic patterns for both internal engineers, user test, and lab test, and implemented using D3.js, HTML/CSS/Javascript.

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