I am also make art works in the form of interactive experience, performance and visual essays.

Here are some of my digital sketches. You can check out more of my art works at chenhuiyi.com 

Our Time is Calling, Part 1
September 2020, Made with Python, Youtube Footage and Adobe Premiere 

September 2020, Made with Cinema 4D

Fake Bird
July 2020, Made with Photoshop

Micro Universe
April 2020, Made With Touchdesigner

Tactile Resilience: Battling Coronavirus Under Censorship in China March 2020, Made with Affter Effect, Made for an essay

Drive Through Brooklyn Bridge
Januarary 2019, Made with Touchdesigner 

The Future of Mental Disorder Series
Feburary 2019, Made with Unreal, Photoshop

Love hurts
September 2018, Made with photoshop

Your Tear is Precious
September 2018, Made with Illustrator