Interative installation that visualizes time zones

What is time? We usually think time is linear, but it is actually multi-dimensional if we think about it globally; We usually think Time is natural and rational, but it is also arbitrarily determined by political and geographical reasons. Time invites people to rethink time from different perspectives.

Team : Huiyi Chen, Alice Sun Tools : Arduino IDE, p5.js, Node.js, Illustrator, Laser Cutter
Shown at2017 ITP Winter Show

Project Detail

The Installation is consisted of three parts

1. Inner cylinder that represents UTC Time Zone map. A light sensor is installed on each longitude. 

2. Outer sphere that is rotatable and contains light source. 

As the user rotates the outer sphere, the inner cylinder with 24 light sensors for each longitude reacts to the changing brightness.


3. Digital visualization of the sun’s movement and changing gallery of skylines according to the longitude locations. 

These skylines images are scraped from public webcam archives in diferrent cities. We included all cities where ITP students came from, collected via surveys. 

As the user rotates the outer sphere, it creates movement in light. While the light is moving, the visualization of skylines in each timezone changes accordingly. 


Sketch & Moodboard

Making & Development

Deliverable & Showcase